What Is In Your Junk Food?

Want to know even more about the worst foods on the market? These processed foods might be hiding in your cabinets and you don’t even know it.

junk food

Why junk food is so irresistible

You may start pointing all your fingers at advertisers for pushing you to eat all these terrible, yet great-tasting foods, but marketing is only a small part of a much bigger issue. Once they start eating certain foods, many people are simply unable to stop. For many people, it isn’t even a conscious choice. They might even try to swear off junk food for good — but they can’t.

The added sugar problem

While experts used to blame saturated fat for obesity and heart problems, junk food contains something much more dangerous than unhealthy oil. Most of these foods are addicting because they are high in added sugars. Sugar — the kind you will find in junk food — essentially trains your brain to crave it more and more the more you eat. If you regularly over-consume foods with added sugars in them, you will become dependent on these foods. It’s not exactly the same as an addiction to an actual drug, but the same mechanisms are behind an addiction to foods high in synthetic sugar.

The nutrition problem

Junk food is not nutritious — not even a little bit. It’s high in calories but extremely low in actual nutrients. That means you can eat a ton of junk food in one sitting and still feel hungry. You won’t find much protein, complex carbs, or dietary fiber in these foods — which means you have to eat large servings of it before you start to feel full. If you’re legitimately hungry, but you try to satisfy that hunger with junk, you are much more likely to overeat.

Junk food is hard to avoid. It seems to lurk around every grocery and convenience store corner these days. Your best defense against it is to slowly swap your favorite terrible foods for healthier alternatives. You don’t know it now, but pretty soon, you won’t even miss the junk food you used to call a friend. And remember: just because it’s bad for you doesn’t mean you have to outright quit eating it. You can still enjoy a handful of potato chips or a scoop of ice cream every now and then. Consider it a treat, not a curse.

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