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Extreme Fitness

It’s all about intensity, and these programs are designed to push you to your limits, and past your plateaus. Take them on if you feel up to it, or get a bit more fit with other programs and then tackle them.

extreme fitness

This is one extreme fitness program that is supposed to take 90 days to complete. It uses a system of making the body guess. It includes a three phase meal plan, but the real magic happens from the intense workouts done daily. Tony Horton gets you moving in these videos, and he’s good about reminding you to ease into it and don’t go all out at first. $39.95-$109.95

They devised this workout to live up to its name, and it’s supposed to push the limits of even the fittest of the fit. Shaun T is your host, showing proper form for each exercise, and bringing his own style of motivation. There’s also plenty of fitness model guys and gals so you can see how it’s done, with modifications of the exercises so you can go at your own pace. $119.85

Riding on the heels of Insanity, Asylum is designed to take things even further. This program has more of an athletic feel to it, and is for those that want to condition themselves for competitive sports. Of course anyone that wants to get an athlete’s body is welcome to use this program to get results. Shaun T returns on this program, bringing even more intensity, yet still showing you the right way to do each move. $89.85

These are becoming the norm when it comes to getting more fit, or breaking through a plateau. Certified instructors take you through a series of exercises that work out all of your major muscle groups, and get your heart rate going with circuit training so you’re all around fit, unlike some programs that only focus on muscle or dieting. Prices vary

This is the Navy SEAL version of CrossFit and is supposed to get you special ops ready. It’s hard to argue that SEALs aren’t some of the fittest personnel out there, so the theory is that if you mimic what they do you’ll end up with the same body. Even if you fall a little short it would still be an impressive feat. Prices vary

ChaLean Extreme
This is an extreme program that’s geared more towards the ladies, not to say that any of the others are for men only. They say that in three months you’ll be able to lose 60% of your body fat, which would definitely make for a structural change in your body. The body you’ll create is a lean body without bulking up. $89.95

TRX Training
This might not look intensive at first glance it uses your body weight and forces you to stabilize yourself. It’s a workout that has its origins in the Navy SEAL program, and is extreme as you want it to be. The neat part is that it can be used for a more moderate workout as well, since you’re in control of the intensity level. Prices vary

Boot Camps
Many gyms across the country have their own “boot camp” training programs. They borrow the name from military training that is supposed to put you through the wringer. They only last an hour but you can expect to get a full body workout, and the instructor/trainer will typically be able to map out your fitness plan depending on your personal goals. Prices vary

Doctor Based

Nothing adds credibility to a diet plan more than a doctor-developed program. The following programs are the brainchild of cardiologists, physicians, plastic surgeons, and other MDs and doctor types.

doctor diets

The Zone Diet
Barry Sears is more scientist than doctor, but he’s the man behind this highly successful series of books, supplemental foods, and several home delivery programs. The “zone” refers to getting your body in the state where you feel energetic, alert, and at your best. He proposes getting there by eating the right mixture of proteins, carbs, and fats, as well as supplementing with fish oil. Prices vary

Dukan Diet
Dr. Dukan lends his name to this diet program, touted as the number one diet in all of France. His approach uses four phases, and his site can calculate with precision when you’ll be entering each phase, and how many days each phase will last. The last phase is all about stabilizing your body at its new weight, and maintaining long-term results. Prices vary

Ornish Diet
– Based off of his book The Spectrum, this diet plan is a bit like the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland – how far down it do you want to go? It can accommodate those that want to lose a few pounds and be healthier, as well as those that want to go full tilt and avoid more serious health problems later in life. $11

recommendedMayo Clinic Diet
The Mayo Clinic is often regarded as the go-to on sound medical research and recommendations. After a phony fad diet became popular and used their name, they seemed to have attempted to set the record straight and released the true version of their diet plan. They break things down into two main phases, and emphasize educating yourself on new, healthy habits. $10

The Genotype Diet
Your first task on this diet is figuring out which category you belong in, which is based partly on your blood type as well as your genetic make-up. The theory is that when you start to eat foods that are best for your genotype, your body automatically responds well to them, and the results come almost effortlessly. $10

Eat What You Love
The main strategy with this method is to stop beating yourself up p over the foods you eat, and start eating more of the foods that make you feel good. They advocate dropping your obsession with food by getting out of the habit of eating foods you’ll later regret. $17

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