18 Health & Nutritional Benefits of Quinoa

11. Contains Flavonoids

There are flavonoids in Quinoa that are typically only found in other foods like berries, and the levels that it contains are pretty substantial. These flavonoids can help with things like cardiovascular disease and inflammatory conditions. This means that if you are at risk for heart disease or just want to do your best to prevent it, you can start eating more Quinoa and be doing a great service in this regard. And if you have arthritis or other inflammatory conditions you should start adding more of it to your diet right away for potential relief.

12. Helps You Avoid Getting Fat

The fiber in Quinoa helps the body get rid of unneeded fat, while also helping you to eat less by making you feel fuller longer. This will help you eat less overall, as well as help your digestive system process. The overall result is that if you have a problem with overeating, or a sluggish digestion, Quinoa can help on both counts. The results of adding Quinoa to your diet can typically be felt right away, as you start to feel lighter both by not eating as much, and having more regularity than you currently do.

quinoa and b vitamins

13. Good Source of B Vitamins

When compared to other grains, Quinoa has a better B Vitamin profile than most. Technically it’s a seed, not a grain, but it most often gets compared to grains because of the way it is cooked and the texture it has when eaten. The B Vitamin family helps with plenty of processes that the body goes through each day, and it’s important to stay topped up on them. Vitamin B12 alone has a host of benefits that can’t be overlooked, so you definitely don’t want to run a shortage on it.

14. Potentially Anti-Inflammatory

Recent research is showing that Quinoa may be an anti-inflammatory food. But you don’t have to wait for the research to confirm what many are already saying to be true. So many people report getting relief from their inflammatory conditions after they start eating Quinoa. There are several vitamins and minerals that it contains, but it is the phytonutrients, those that help battle back free radical damage with their antioxidant effect, that are the prime suspect for what’s causing the help in this area. It’s not very often that a food has this amount of healing properties, which makes it a bona fide superfood and one of the healthiest foods you can eat.

15. Helps Lower Cholesterol

It’s the fiber once again that provides the benefits here, this time helping to lower your cholesterol. Many people resort to cholesterol-lowering drugs, and it’s always important to listen to your doctor’s advice. But with dietary changes and you doctor’s guidance you can avoid or reduce the amount of medication you have to take to keep your cholesterol in check. Quinoa makes it easy since it’s can be used in a myriad of ways, and you won’t feel like you’re eating a special diet of any sort, or missing out on the foods you love.

16. Helps Lower Blood Pressure

The fiber levels in Quinoa have a direct effect on your blood pressure, in addition to the other benefits listed. The thing that prevents most people from getting enough fiber each day is that many of the sources are not considered very appetizing. But quinoa has a very delicate flavor, so you can mix it with just about any food you enjoy and you’ll get the flavor from that without the Quinoa getting in the way. It’s a very easy way to keep your blood pressure levels in check, without turning your world upside down.

17. Helps Balance Blood Sugar Levels

It’s not always eating foods that are sugar-free, or eating portion sizes that are considered small by American standards. Adding Quinoa to a meal will help you keep your blood sugar levels in a happy place while at the same time getting your taste buds to agree. If you have a specific food or recipe that you normally can’t have, see if adding Quinoa to it brings it down to the point where you can enjoy it without any trouble. If you find that you respond well to it you can start using it in more and more of your classic recipes.

18. Supports Weight Loss Efforts

If you’re on a diet you’ll probably be allowed to eat Quinoa on it. Some diets might say that you can’t have bread, or that you should avoid all wheat and grains. But that’s where Quinoa comes in handy, as it’s not a grain, contains no wheat, and bread made with Quinoa is likely not the bread they’re talking about. Because of its high protein content and great fiber levels, it gives a one-two punch to your weight loss goals, and has a host of other vitamins and minerals to keep you topped up and feeling good. The protein and amino acids will help with any weight training you’re doing, and the fiber keeps things moving internally.

18 Health Benefits of Quinoa- and why you should be eating more of it.

As you can see, it just makes nutritional sense to start eating more Quinoa. You’ll end up feeling better, having more energy, and potentially losing weight just by switching other foods for Quinoa. Quite frankly, foods like rice and noodles just can’t measure up as a side dish for all sorts of foods, and you’ll be getting a broader nutritional set from Quinoa than you would from other foods. It’s not as hard to make as you might think, so be sure to check out our guide on How to Cook Quinoa so you can start tonight.

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