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Pasta Recipes

Pasta took a hit when the low-carb and no-carb diets were all the rage, but it can form the foundation for a well-rounded meal. It’s a good idea to use whole wheat pasta instead of the regular kind. There are still many diets that won’t get into pasta, like the Paleo diet, or gluten-free diets, but for others it can provide a healthy carb to balance out a protein like chicken, beef, or seafood.

Smoothie & Protein Shake Recipes

If you need a quick meal but can’t be bothered to cook smoothies and protein shakes can do wonders for you. They provide the essentials in an easy-to-consume format that’s also highly portable. After drinking them down you’ll typically feel satiated for a few hours, or more depending on the protein content. This is often just enough to get you to your next meal without being so ravenous that you start snacking or binging.


Kale Recipes

Wondering what to do what all of that kale you just bought because you heard it was healthy? No sweat, we’ve got you covered with an expansive list of recipes that will turn you into a kale pro and make it so you enjoy eating this superfood and are never short on things to do with it. It can be used in plenty of ways than just salads and as a side, so be sure to check it out.

How to Cook & Eat Clean

What exactly is “clean” food? It depends on who you ask. You’ll have to formulate your own working definition so you can buy and eat foods that live up to your standards.

The first step is phasing out foods that are obviously not clean, ones that are prepackaged and contain a lot of additives in order to extend their shelf life or make them easy to prepare.

375 Healthy Recipes- a must-read for anyone that wants to cook, eat & live healthier.

Cooking Clean

Cooking clean means following recipes that don’t include ingredients that contain unnatural chemicals, additives, and foods that were invented in the modern era. It may involve learning new ways of cooking, and breaking away from traditional recipes that our parents and grandparents taught us how to cook.The foods they ate were likely cleaner than the ones we find now, because even in the last century there has been a major change to the way food companies make their products.

Eating Clean

Eating clean involves avoiding all of the unclean foods that are abundant in the world. This includes not only obvious offenders like fast food and junk food, but also sneaky foods like most boxed-up entrees that you find on store shelves. It might involve spending fewer nights eating out, and more nights at home trying a new recipe. You’re going to want to be always on the alert for foods that don’t make the grade, as they can pop up at inconvenient times, cake for someone’s birthday at the office for example.

The Caveman Test

One way to see if something is clean or not is to ask whether cavemen would have been able to eat what you’re about to eat. While we may not think of cavemen as being tidy, they definitely didn’t have access to the majority of the food that presents itself in modern society. Their food is considered clean because the fruits and vegetables were found growing wild in nature, and the meat was freshly killed and eaten.

While it may not be feasible to eat entirely like a caveman – no one expects you to hunt and gather to survive – taking as many tips from them as possible seems to work in our favor.

Cleaning Up Your Act

It’s important to remain diligent when it comes to adopting a new, cleaner way of eating and cooking. It may seem akin to starting a revolution from your kitchen, breaking away from allowing major corporations to feed you. But the health benefits that typically follow are worth the effort, and you’ll likely start noticing short term successes in the way you look and feel. Stay focused, and make it your mission to eat as cleanly as you can.

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  1. Cikizwa Woko says:

    How often do you have to drink the detox drinks a day?

  2. jo says:

    I actually just joined your site and I am looking for healthy foods for a weight loss program and one that will be more alkaline and less acidic, when I try to print your receipes that I am interested in trying it gives me another log in, sign in page and wants a password. Wow,
    what a waste of time, I am looking for receipes and a list of alkaline foods and it takes all this to use your site……sorry but this is too time consuming.

  3. LindaHelen says:

    Where are the promised recipes for cucumber water? The article only included descriptions of flavor profiles and benefits; no actual amounts or methods or nutritional profiles. All ‘romance’, no hard information.

  4. Daisy says:

    This is a good website, but as ‘LindaHelen’ said, where is the cucumber water???

  5. Ann Hurst says:

    Do your healthy eating recipes follow the PH diet ??



  6. I wont to start a alkaline diet. Do you have some recipes?

    Many thanks


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