Getting Started Detoxify the Right Way, Eat Healthier & Enjoy Life

The Healthiest Foods on the Planet – Go here for a briefing on the healthiest foods you can eat. Start eating more of these, and it will help to displace foods that don’t measure up and aren’t moving you forward. Ounce for ounce these are some of the most nutrient-dense foods you can eat.

Slim Down for Better Health – Skinny isn’t the goal, being healthy and happy in your own skin is what’s most important. Losing weight the natural way is the only way to go to reach this goal and keep it for the long term. When you work with the body rather than against it you’ll notice that losing weight can be effortless.

Vitamin-Rich Foods – Going with foods that are high in vitamins is a sure way to get the nutrients your body needs each and every day. These foods all contain relatively high amounts of vitamins when compared to others, and you’ll be getting a strong dose of the good stuff by eating each one.

Detox the RIght Way

How to Detox the Right Way

You may have heard about detoxing programs, some of which are pretty extreme, asking you to fast for days at a time and drinking branded detox juices or following a set system. Detoxing has been credited with all sorts of benefits, and when done correctly it can help you turn your back on what you don’t want, fast food, junk food, empty calories, and move in the direction that you do want, nutritious foods, feeling good, and evolving into a better version of yourself.

Detox Gateway – Go here to browse through the different detoxing articles we have, and find out how you can start the process of shifting towards a healthier way of life. There are recipes for soups, drinks, and even shampoos that will leave your hair feeling clean and your scalp refreshed.

Take a Detox Bath – A bath is always a great place to start if you’re feeling a little frazzled. A detox bath takes things a step further and helps the body even more. Choose any of the recipes on this page and be taken to another level of nirvana.

Detox Daily for Best Results – Rather than look at detoxing as a one-time event, you should think about it as the daily process of countering the toxins that enter the body each day through the air we breathe, food we eat, and water we drink.

Healthy Recipes

Tastiest Way to Get Started

If you want to get started on the path towards better health you’re just one meal away. Check out any of our healthy and delicious recipes for a meal you can make tonight that will taste great and show you that being healthy doesn’t have to taste bad or leave you feeling unsatisfied. Food is easily the most powerful tool you have at your disposal. It can mean the difference between gaining weight and feeling lousy, and maintaining a healthy weight and feeling great.

Least Stressful Way to Get Started

If the thought of getting started is stressing you out, it’s best to start at square one. You don’t want to make decisions about your health and wellbeing when in a stressful state. Release that stress, and come back when you feel refreshed and ready to go. We have a list of 105 easy ways to bust stress that will leave you feeling much better than before. Many of them can be done right now, and with so many tips you’ll have a virtual arsenal of ways to keep calm each and every day.

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