18 Food Cravings & What Your Body Really Wants


7. Fizzy Drinks

Sometimes a nice effervescent beverage is what you crave, but did you ever stop to wonder why? Aside from the novelty, there could be a deeper meaning behind this craving.

What your body really wants is Hydration
It could be that you’ve associated the fuzzy feeling on your lips with fluid intake, and your body is drawn to these beverages because it is seeking hydration. But these drinks are usually full of sugar, caffeine, and other chemicals, and can have a dehydrating effect.

Here’s how to stay healthy: Opt for mineral water instead, as it contains minerals that can help you instead of acting to deplete the minerals you have. Better yet, simply drinks distilled or spring water when you find yourself craving a soda or cola. If the desire is still there hours later then you know it’s not due to dehydration and you might want to let yourself satisfy the craving once in awhile.

8. Salty Snacks

Walk down the snack aisle of any grocery store in America and you’ll see the predominant features is they all contain salt. Salt reigns supreme in the world of snacking, and there’s no doubt about why it shows up in just about every snacking staple

What your body really wants is Sodium
Even the Mayo Clinic advises that your body needs sodium, but you’ll want to make sure that it comes from the right sources, not from table salt or the industrial-grade salt they use in snacks. This form of salt leads to fluid retention, which can increase your overall body weight as well as your blood pressure.

Here’s how to stay healthy: Go with Himalayan pink salt or sea salt as natural sources of sodium that will actually help your body by regulating your fluids, rather than hinder it the way excessive table salt can. If you’ve recently indulged in a salty snack or meal be sure to get some exercise so you can help sweat out the excess sodium.

9. Fast Food

We’ve quickly turned into a fast food nation, and you can’t drive a few miles in most populated areas without passing a fast food restaurant of some sort. Often all it takes is seeing a familiar logo to trigger a craving for your favorite combo.

What your body really wants is A Balanced, Satisfying Meal
Most fast food restaurants will group their offerings into “meal deals” which strikes a chord with your body, since what it really wants is to feel satisfied after a meal.

Here’s how to stay healthy: Of course it’s better to make your own meals than to eat fast food, and what you’ll want to focus on if you’re trying to kick the fast food habit is the feeling of satiety after a meal. To do this make sure you are eating balanced meals with a lean protein, a non-starchy carb, and healthy fats.

10. Pizza

Pizza has a special place in the American Diet, and is one of the most commonly ordered items. The combination of a carb-laden crust, melty cheese, and toppings customized to your personal tastes makes it hard to pass up. But what is the real foundation behind that pizza craving?

What your body really wants is Fatty Acids
Pizza is ultimately a fatty food, and if you’ve noticed that you have had a hankering for fatty foods as of late it could mean that you are running low on important fatty acids, and your body is trying to make amends.

Here’s how to stay healthy: Make sure you are getting enough fatty acids from healthy foods like salmon, flax seeds, and walnuts, and see if that doesn’t put a dent in your pizza cravings. The occasional pizza order will not set you back too far, as long as you keep your portions in check, so just make sure that you are not eating it as a way to compensate for fatty acid intake.


11. Cheese

Cheese pops up as a craving when you’re trying to lose weight, and is often the undoing of well-meaning dieters. But why is it so hard to resist cheese, and why does it show up on the Do Not Eat list of so many diet programs?

What your body really wants is Calories
Cheese is high in calories, and even a one ounce serving gives you about 100 calories. If you’ve been following a calorie-restricted diet you may have noticed that your desire for cheese has been on the rise because your body knows it will quickly make up the deficit.

Here’s how to stay healthy: Make sure that you are still getting enough calories to make it through the day without intense cravings. Eat foods that contain healthy levels of calories and also provide you with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that will keep the cheese cravings at bay.

12. Acidic Foods

Acid-forming foods come in all different forms, and sometimes just because a food tastes acidic doesn’t mean that it is. A sampling of acidic foods includes corn, wheat, cranberries, butter, bacon, and more. Lemons and limes are actually alkalizing when consumed.

What your body really wants is Magnesium
Magnesium is a very important mineral, one that can help keep you calm under stress, help you sleep at night, and generally improve your quality of life. If you start running low your body will attempt to compensate by seeking out acidic foods in hopes of getting your magnesium levels up.

Here’s how to stay healthy: Get a good supply of magnesium-rich foods and you’ll notice that your desire for acidic foods will wane. You can also boost your intake of alkaline foods to help keep your body alkaline. The good news is that many foods high in magnesium are also alkaline.

13. Soups and Liquid Foods

Have you noticed that you’ve been seeking out soups, shakes, smoothies, and other liquid forms of food instead of solids? Your body could be trying to tell you something.

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  1. Markus says:

    salty foods, you could be dehydrated and your body is trying to store what little you get, 30 + % of people mistake thirst for hunger. Acidic food craving could be your body trying to better prepare you for digestion, maybe you need more digestive enzymes or are dehydrated and having a hard time coming up with enough stomach acid. Pizza is loaded with tomatoes sauce, tomatoes aren’t poisonous like peopleoncethought, they must do wonders for you : ) Also, maybe your body is craving some protein with that Porsche of cheese to stabilize your blogs sugar after that carby cracker and Thanksgiving cookie, or maybe you feel lightheaded and your body really wants to stabilize your blogs calcium levels, or maybe your thyroid is our of whack from pesticides soaked into your food and cancer causing commercisl tea, and needs a break, try organic food and tea, also dont drink the stuff from the tap unless you used reverse ozmosis, or drink bottled water, unless you also want kidney problems, and drink up, because when your dehydrated all that salt can scratch up your liver tissue and cause scarring, what do they call that ? treatments… and alcohol provides and instant dump of blood sugar, people with low energy often feel refreshed after a drink, why it’s hard for so many to quit, a good coffee and cleaned up food allergy free diet may restore them to wellness. And remmber, molds, mildew and fungus may be found in your food! blue cheese, bread, mushrooms, etc.. it’s not just the black stuff in the basement that gets one who can’t be strong mold, its got to be completely eliminated from their diet if their body is trying badly to its ingestion and population in the body, causing inflamation, fatigue, etc… Best wishes of health and enjoyments of lufs great food!

  2. Markus says:

    also, dehydration can cause kidney failure snd excessive coffee can leave you dehydrated. some people kuve on one to two pots of coffee per day and drink almost nothing else, they’re asking for dyalisis, also good clean dring water washes out your kidneys, like washing a filter while your body absorbs nutrients from your diet.

  3. mandee says:

    I crave milk after I’ve eaten breads. Only breads. What’s that mean?

    • John Malt says:

      Hi Mandee, I also want to know what breads means, i means, i eats breads all the time but after reading this article I probably dont really crave breads what i really crave is ACIDS, have I gone bread mads? I think so! Also when I really really am FULL and i mean FULL FULL, I now think.. fuck it, ZINC!

  4. Antoinette S Shifflett says:

    craving licorice. I can consume 3 to 4 boxes a week of good and plenty.
    My ferritin level is 76 I have to go for infusion for 8 weeks did this 2 years ago and 6 years ago . These last 3 times I was cold to the bones and ate snow cones all day

  5. Anne says:

    when I was obese I craved cheese. It was most definitely NOT a need for calories!! I was getting several thousand of them a day…

  6. Tiffany says:

    I constantly crave protein. I eat eggs for breakfast every morning and I’m constantly craving rare meat. I can’t get enough!!

  7. Julia says:

    How is 6 things 18 cravings?

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