27 best Protein Bars

27 Best Protein Bars & How to Choose the Right One

Protein bars are everywhere, but most of them are glorified candy bars full of unhealthy ingredients advertised as something that can help you. If you do manage to find one that’s not full of junk, then you might not be crazy about how it tastes. While most people seek protein after an exercise session, you […]

The Powers Of Miso (Nutrition, Benefits & Recipes That Aren’t All Soup!)

Ever wonder about the nutritional value attached to the miso soup you are served before your sushi course at Japanese restaurants? Or what the actual miso part of the soup is? Here’s your ultimate guide to what miso is, it’s nutritional value, health benefits and some creative recipes!   What Is Miso? Most people would […]

Why You Might Want To Switch Your Protein Powder To Casein

Protein powders have been all the rage over the past few years, and they provide an easy way to increase quality protein intake. But not all protein powders are good for you, and some can be detrimental to your health or weight loss goals if you are using the wrong types. There are cheap, less […]

21 Foods To Eat After A Workout

A couple of days ago, we looked at the 21 Best Foods To Eat Before A Workout, so we think it’s only right to follow that up with an article on what to eat afterwards! Our bodies are complex machines that work extremely hard, and the foods we eat fuel their recoveries. Pre and post-workout […]

21 Best Foods To Eat Before A Workout (+ Bonus ‘Build-Your-Own’ Ideas!)

Everyone’s nutritional requirements are different, depending on their makeup, goals, activities and lifestyle. That’s why pre-workout nutrition is not a ‘one size fits all’ type of solution. That said, there are some fantastic snacks and meals that offer substantial and lasting energy, prevent sugar crashes, and provide the right balance of fats, carbs and protein, […]

I love these high protein snacks! These are go-to snacks when I need a protein boost…

9 High Protein Snacks for Energy and Wellness

Making your own high-protein snacks doesn’t have to be rocket science. It’s all about using high-protein food sources in portable and easy-to-eat ways that you can bring with you on the go for an instant fuel-up, or whip up quickly to curb any cravings that come out of nowhere.

ou would be surprised at just how much protein some fruits have…

15 Fruits Highest in Protein

Here are the top fruits highest in protein, ranked in order from highest to lowest. Fruit in general isn’t known for its protein content, but there are some that are better than others when it comes to helping you round out your protein intake for the day.

Eat more of these high protein vegetables to increase your protein intake…

14 Vegetables Highest in Protein

The following high-protein vegetables will do their best to get you on track to reach your protein requirement for the day. Compared to animal sources, vegetables have a bit of trouble keeping up in the protein department, but there are some that contain respectable amounts of protein. Be sure to calculate your specific protein needs […]

Have your dessert and after workout snack at the same time with these high protein cookies…

13 “Girly Scream” Worthy Protein Cookies

Cookies are a great way to get your protein, because it’s always a good time to have a cookie. The best part about these recipes is that they taste like normal cookies, they just come with a protein punch that isn’t typically part of your cookie experience. This means that you’ll be more likely to […]

These are some potentially harmful side-effects of supplementing with whey protein…

4 Potentially Dangerous Side Effects of Whey Protein

Whey protein is generally regarded as a safe supplement when used appropriately, but you’ll still want to take steps to make sure that you aren’t getting carried away with it. Overconsumption of protein, when coupled with a low carbohydrate intake, can lead to problems.