Magnesium Supplements: How to Choose the Right One For You

Do you consider your pillow as something magical? You know, hugging it after a very long and hard day at work helps you remember e-very-thing you were supposed to do? I can relate – a year ago, I would consciously avoid going to bed before 2 am because I just couldn’t face another night of […]

Adrenal fatigue natural treatment.

How to Recover Naturally from Adrenal Fatigue

‘I was losing A LOT of hair, barely sleeping and feeling anxious and exhausted all the time. My family could hardly recognize me, and I felt like a stranger in my skin. I have always been a very calm person, even under pressure. However, when I finally decided to seek support, the mere thought of […]

These high magnesium foods can help you get better sleep, relax your nervous system, increase bone strength and so much more…

15 Foods High in Magnesium for a Healthier Body

Here are the foods highest in magnesium so you can be sure you’ve always got this important mineral topped up. They run the gamut from seeds and beans to fruits and vegetables, and each brings with it added vitamins and minerals so you’re getting plenty in the way of nutrition. Magnesium is important as it […]