36 Beautiful Smoothie Bowl Recipes To Nourish Your Mornings

Beauty, color, texture and fun. Smoothie bowls really are a step up from regular old smoothies. While they can be enjoyed at any time of the day, they are that quintessential breakfast option that will put a smile on any health-conscious person’s face. Here are 36 of the most vibrant, creative, and, of course, nutritious, smoothie […]

The Top 6 Surprising Health Benefits Of Watermelon (+ Quenching Smoothie Recipes)

Considering it just tastes like sugary water, it’s a pleasant surprise to learn that there are actually a number of health benefits of watermelon. The pretty pink melon is full of vitamins, antioxidants and electrolytes while being low in calories and fat. It can help with digestion, and even benefit eye health and heart health… […]

Benefits of red wine

The Top 14 Appraised Benefits Of Red Wine For Daily Vitality

The benefits of red wine can seem, at times, magical. They’ve certainly been receiving positive press for the last several years. Red wine’s good rap even survived a large scandal brought on, a couple of years ago, by the discovery that a famous researcher falsified data in the goal of exaggerating wine’s positive effects on […]

Non-alcoholic drinks

26 Stunningly Exquisite Non-Alcoholic Drink Recipes

Seeing you’ve come across this post, you’re probably looking for delicious alcohol-free refreshment ideas. Let me assure you; you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re pregnant, the designated driver, organizing a family-friendly party or simply taking a break after an alcohol-infused holiday season, choosing to forgo the alcohol doesn’t have to mean forgoing the […]

how to eat a pomegranate

8 Clever Ways to Eat a Pomegranate (+15 Top Health Benefits)

The history of the pomegranate is as fascinating as its flavor and nutritional properties. Did you know that pomegranate remnants have been discovered in Egyptian tombs or consumed by Babylonian soldiers before they went into battle? These red fruits with a tough outer layer were also considered as a symbol of hope, prosperity and abundance […]

And the holistic benefits of doing an apple cider vinegar cleanse…

How to Make an Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Drink

The pantry, specifically the section where condiments are kept, is not one to typically look into when thinking of a detox. But this shelf has a very special resident: Apple Cider Vinegar, an age-old recipe that has recently made waves in the holistic health fields for its abilities as a topical applicant, digestible formula, and […]

These teas really help me get rid of nausea and soothe an upset stomach.

3 Tummy Soothing Teas for Nausea and Stomach Aches

Throughout the ages indigenous cultures around the world have used the powers vested in Mother Earth to heal and soothe. Before the modern discoveries of penicillin, vaccines, and prophylactics, these communities warded off disease and ailments with the plants and flowers in their own backyard.

orange and ginger

5 Fruit Infused Detox Waters for Energy & Cleansing

These days, many of our images of a ‘detox’ include diets by way of starvation: Ten-day master cleanses, strict juice-only regimens, and restrictive carb/gluten/sugar/dairy-free diets. More elimination rather than detoxification, more sprint rather than marathon.