All About Drinking Water How Much To Drink What Water Types

All About Drinking Water: How Much To Drink & What Water Types

Most of us know that we don’t drink nearly as much water as we’re supposed to each day, but how much is enough? We’ve all heard of the generic eight glasses of water a day, but some experts say we need even more. Why do we need so much? Well, for starters, the body is […]

Take control of your lung health. Read more on habits that could be ruining your lungs & discover how to breathe better naturally (without crazy cleanses).

Breathe Easy – Addressing Lung Health the Natural Way

Lung health matters so much more than many of us realize. Did you know that you take more than 6 million breaths per year? Or that your lungs play many roles besides ‘just’ helping you breathe? And were you aware that there are several all-natural actions that can help improve lung health? In this article, […]

Thinking of trying a liver detox? Learn how to do it the scientific way and discover how to support your body's innate detox machinery without supplements.

Liver Detox: Do You Need It? (+ How to Do It Safely & Effectively)

When you come across the liver detox programs, diets, and prescriptions, do you automatically have a skeptical look on your face? (Just like I usually do?) If you’re nodding your head while you read, pat yourself on the back – most liver detox programs out there are often useless! But more importantly, many of these […]

Find out why people around the globe are buzzing about the Whole30 Diet, if/how you can benefit, and recipes that are bound to please!

What Is The Whole30 Diet? Benefits + Recipes!

Do you suffer from digestive issues and severe bloating? Have you broken up with the scale and there’s no reconciliation in sight? Are you chronically fatigued? What about skin issues? Do you deal with body aches and pains that aren’t related to an injury? While all of these symptoms take a huge toll on the […]

19 Clever & Creative Uses For Apple Cider Vinegar

Touted as a magic weight loss tool and detox drink, apple cider vinegar has been in the spotlight for a while now. But some of those claims aren’t necessarily backed by science and consuming too much of the stuff, especially on its own, actually comes with its fair share of risks. But, don’t worry; we’re […]

9 Amazing Activated Charcoal Uses For Health and Beauty

It seems like activated charcoal is the latest craze in the health world. Even though it’s reportedly been used for medicinal purposes since around 1550 BC, many people are just starting to learn about its impressive benefits for both health and beauty. Before we delve into the many benefits, it’s important to note that activated […]

11 Proven Benefits Of A Bentonite Clay Detox (And How To Use The Healing Clay)

For thousands of years, people have been using bentonite clay as a way to detox and heal their body. That’s because bentonite is considered a “healing clay” with powerful benefits. Along with rubbing the clay on your skin, you can also ingest it. I know what you’re thinking … “Why the heck would I want […]

Health Benefits Of Seaweed

7 Powerful Health Benefits Of Seaweed For The Whole Body – Inside & Out!

Most of us have enjoyed some flavorful, sticky sushi over the years, and likely had our first taste of seaweed in doing so. Filled with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, this incredibly powerful food is under-utilized in western diets. But you don’t have to spend a fortune in a sushi restaurant every time you want a […]

Want to save money on dental bills? Try coconut oil pulling!

Transform Your Oral Health with Coconut Oil Pulling

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably a health-conscious person. Or you’re working on becoming one. So let me ask you something: what do you do to reduce your exposure to nasty chemicals? Do you buy organic produce, read labels on food, cosmetics and personal hygiene products? That’s great. And I’m sure you’re also concerned […]

This is the holy grail for detox diet recipes! Includes detoxifying salads, soups, drinks, desserts and snacks.

100 Best Detox Diet Recipes of All-Time

When embarking on a detox diet it’s important to have a collection of the best recipes to make sure you’re getting tasty, cleansing food. These recipes represent some of the best detox salads, soups, smoothies, snacks, and more. Eat them and you’ll be taking one step further towards a healthier, cleaner you.