The benefits of collagen go far beyond skin beauty. Discover 13 scientifically proven reasons to get more collagen in your diet - you'll be surprised!

13 Astounding Health Benefits of Collagen (More than just a pretty face!)

Have you ever heard about the benefits of collagen? No? Are you sure? I mean you’ve probably used beauty products or shampoos to make your hair thicker. Or perhaps you’ve tried some rejuvenating facial creams. If you still have any of these products on hand, check the label. You’ll undoubtedly find bold statements that boast […]

9 Nourishing (And Surprising) Benefits of Argan Oil

This all-in-one skin moisturizer come hair conditioner come bath oil has the ability to de-clutter your beauty cupboard and replace most of your skin and haircare products all by itself! With its impressive levels of vitamin E, A and F, fatty acids, antioxidants and minerals, the miracle oil has a range of health benefits, from […]

Discover the amazing uses for diatomaceous earth.

How to Use Diatomaceous Earth + 8 Proven Health Benefits

A few months ago, I advised my dad to start an autoimmune protocol. As part of that protocol, I also told him that he would benefit from taking supplements that would boost his body’s innate detox mechanisms. One of the supplements was diatomaceous earth – when my dad saw me mixing the whitish powder in […]

Get perfect, glowing skin by following these daily rituals.

7 Daily Rituals for Perfect Skin

Getting perfect skin doesn’t have to be hard. Follow these 7 steps each day until they become a habit and your skin will naturally return to its healthy state. No need to spend a fortune trying to get healthy skin, it’s just a matter of getting back to simpler times and going more natural.

Use these simple homemade face masks with only 1 ingredient for perfect, toned, clear skin…

12 One-Ingredient Face Masks for Perfect Skin

These homemade face masks use just one ingredient but will leave your skin feeling better, looking better, and battle back against the aging process. You likely have many of these items in your home already so you can begin using them today for fast results.