23 Benefits of Green Tea for Your Health, Weight Loss & Skin

Green tea makes the news a lot, and often we’re told that we should drink more of it. The benefits claimed range from weight loss to cancer prevention, with seemingly more added on a regular basis. Here we’ve assembled some of the scientifically proven benefits that should entice you to start drinking green tea, and if you already do, to start drinking more of it.

23 Benefits of Green Tea- for your health, skin, weight loss, detox, disease prevention and so much more. If your not drinking green tea, this is why you should.

green tea health benefits

Health Benefits

Serves as a Stimulating Drink – Green tea can perk you up due to the caffeine it contains. This is caffeine from a natural source, not the kind you find in soft drinks, and in smaller amounts than in a cup of coffee. So you don’t have to worry about getting the jitters, unless you drink a ton of it. But it can provide a nice pick-me-up in addition to its other health benefits. It can serve as a healthier replacement to coffee and other “energy” drinks.

Hydrates The Body – A team of scientists in Australia recently concluded that your eight glasses of water a day don’t actually have to be straight water. The water used to brew green tea would suffice, and since it doesn’t contain a lot of caffeine it won’t act to dehydrate the body as was once believed. This might make it easier to get your recommended fluids each day, and they also suggest that the water contained in foods like lettuce also count towards your fluid intake.

Helps with Toothache Pain – Because of the antibacterial properties of green tea you can sometimes get toothache pain relief by swishing some in your mouth. Be sure that you brew a strong batch, letting the tea steep for a long time to get as much nutrients out of it as possible. This is not a cure, but a way to provide temporary relief to the area. You’ll still want to head to the dentist so that you can get the problem properly treated.

Fights Inflammation – The EGCG in green tea not only helps with weight loss, it also helps to fight inflammation in the body, and therefore diseases and conditions that are brought on by it. The number of problems caused by inflammation is pretty long, and can range from chronic conditions like arthritis to cancer. That’s why it’s a good idea to combine green tea with a diet that is high in anti-inflammatory foods. There are even certain diets available that are geared towards fighting inflammation.

Reduces Stress – The theanine in green tea has been shown to produce a calming effect. The only thing is that in order for you to feel less stressed from drinking green tea, you’ll have to drink several cups of it, up to six of them. By this point you’ll be up to the same amount of caffeine that’s in a cup of coffee, so if you don’t drink caffeine then you should probably stick to decaffeinated green tea to avoid getting too wired to feel the relaxing benefits.

Boosts Immunity – Give your immune system a boost by drinking green tea! It’s the catechins, the same things that help prevent cancer also help keep you from getting sick. They do this by creating an antibacterial state within the body, leaving you less prone to bacterial and viral infections. This is big during cold and flu season, when everyone around you seems to be getting sick you can share you secret of enjoying a hot cup of green tea.

Provides Pain Relief – The EGCG in green tea can help relieve certain types of pain. One proven way to help with arthritis pain is to drink a hot cup of green tea. You can do this twice daily for the best effects. While it may not help to treat acute pain, and doesn’t take the place of a consultation with your doctor to determine your best course of treatment, it can provide you with some pain relief.

risk reduction

Risk Reduction

Reduces Risk of Heart Disease – Heart disease is the number one killer in the United States for both men and women. This is reason enough to start adding a daily cup of green tea to your routine. It’s been shown to be able to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol, increase the levels of good cholesterol, and generally improve the way your arteries function. The importance of a healthy heart can’t be understated, so taking steps to ensure that you’re drinking drinks and eating foods to help your heart is essential.

Inhibits Formation of Blood Clots – Keeping the blood flowing smoothly provides a great benefit to the body. Not only does it reduce the chance of stroke and heart attack, but it should also make you feel more energetic and active. Blood clots are actually normal, and helpful when they are re used to help the body heal, but it is the abnormal blood clots that are the problem. These are responsible for many of the problems that affect those over 50, and so it you fall into that category you should add green tea to your daily diet.

Reduces Risk Of High Blood Pressure – Blood pressure levels are one of the biggest indicators of how healthy you are. Good levels are usually associated with health and vitality, while bad levels are often a cause for alarm, or a wakeup call that you need to be more cautious about your lifestyle. Hypertension is often a precursor to serious conditions, and green tea has been shown to make noticeable improvements. They’ve also shown that the more you drink the better the results.

Reduces Unhealthy Blood Sugar – Your blood sugar levels play a big part in your overall health, and should not be overlooked. They can mean the difference between weight loss and weight gain, and are often a precursor to conditions like diabetes. Green tea has been shown to keep them in check by lowering them due to the presence of polyphenols and polysaccharides. The catechins it contains also helps round things out, making this a great drink for maintaining healthy glucose levels.

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  1. Edward marsh says:

    how much green tea should you drink a day and when do you start seening results

  2. mudassir says:

    i really enjoy this article on green tea.thanks

  3. adesh kumar yadav says:

    very good for removing free radicals&remain healthy

  4. Gugu says:

    how much intake of green tea should I take on a daily basis ,I don’t want to end up loosing weight?

  5. alicia says:

    Green tea is great. I have lost 5 lb in two weeks.will keep drinking untill I reach by goal for my weight loss of 20 lbs

  6. sumandeep says:

    I started green tea daily..its really Gud .relief from stress..

  7. deucy14 says:

    Don’t ya hate it when articles are not dated ? …. or older articles don’t have updates dated ?
    By dates of the comments, probably 2013. Could be much older and those commenters just found the article.

  8. mahi says:

    my weight is 94 kg and height is about 5.8”…. so should i start green tea for reducing my weight as soon as possible.and is green tear good for thyroid patient and a sugar patient?

  9. Amborish Mukherjee says:

    Can I take regular tea with Green Tea,means fi I take 2 cups green tea daily can I have another 2-3 cups normal tea also?

  10. Phumla says:

    Green tea is amazing,I look. And feel 10 years younger. Yeeeeepy!

  11. JJ says:

    Hi, it is a really nice article I have come to know many benefits of green tea that I didn’t knew before. I wanted to ask that, I am very THIN, will drinking green tea make me loose more weight?

  12. ashiana says:

    i drink twice daily and i feel fresh,healthy,

  13. sade says:

    Can green tea get weed out your system?? Clean your body out? Ow much of it you have to drink?

  14. GreenTea says:

    Choosing the right kind and brand of green tea is a challenge for a beginner. According to Robertson Shizuoka; the suppliers of Japanese green tea: 2-5 cups of Premium Sencha and Genmai Matcha is good for everyday consumption.

  15. elke says:

    whats the most u can drink in a day

  16. edith says:

    What’s the brand of green tea I need to get

  17. Health benefits of green tea says:

    Green tea provides many benefits for our health. Chinese are using green tea to treat everything, they knew about the health benefits of green tea long ago.

  18. Maki says:

    I drink hot green tea for breakfast everyday, I often drink it at work, too.

  19. TIMOTHY says:

    I drink Sei Mee Tee out of Oregon in the USA..DECAF…This tea has helped clear my fatty liver… Lose over 100+ lbs naturally..and cleard my mind from brain fog…My overall health has been better than 5 years ago. Getting rid of Junk Good..Diet exercise… And Clean living has helped me prolong my life. GREEN TEA HAS HELPED ME TREMENDOUSLY…

  20. innocent says:

    I started drinking chinese green tea I fill wonderfull well

  21. innocent says:

    green tea is good I lost some kilos in 2weeks

  22. Konspirasi says:

    If some one wishes expert view on the topic of blogging and site-building then i suggest him/her to pay a quick
    visit this weblog, Keep up the nice job.

  23. Tinny says:

    wanna do something to reduce my stomacheck
    will green tea help

  24. Desvages says:

    I have been plagued with flatulents and after drinking green tea this has improved the situation by 90%.
    Will carry on drinking green tea and make it my drink of choice along with plain water.

  25. Marion says:

    There are several brands of green tea on the market, which one is recommended, such as tetley, tender leaf, red rose???

  26. Mona says:

    Is green tea contain pimples on face

  27. jan says:

    I would like to start drinking green tea, would like to have a brand recommend. I live in Iowa,so where would I purchase green tea other then a grocery store where the brand would probably be lipton unless of course this would be a perfect brand

  28. naumy says:

    do i have to add sugars.or u just take it plan

  29. Md.Muzammel Hoque says:

    I am age of 65years. How many cup of green tea in a day for good health I can take. Please advice me.

  30. It seems like there is a vast number of benefits that come with drinking green tea. This is an amazing article full of insights that I think everyone should have in mind in efforts to lead a healthier lifestyle. I have had a lot of issues with my skin and so am hoping this will serve as a remedy to my problems.

  31. Theresa Howell says:

    Can I put a little. Sugar? Also can I drink it cold like a ice tea please reply back

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