These protein packed pancakes are the perfect way to start out your day…

12 Quick and Easy Protein Pancake Recipes

Getting your protein in pancake form is an easy and delicious way to help meet your daily needs. Some of them use protein powder for the added protein, others use yogurt or other protein-rich components to give them more protein than your average flapjack. Many of these pancakes are well-balanced because they’ll have carb content […]

Here are 4 really good reasons why you may want to eat more protein…

4 Really Good Reasons to Eat a High Protein Diet

A high protein has been recommended for bodybuilders and those looking to improve their health for several years now. While there are some risks involved in getting too much protein, as long as you are eating the right protein and getting enough exercise this is the most scientifically proven way to eat for increased muscle, […]