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How to grow herbs

How To Grow Your Own Herbs (Even If You Live In A Top-Floor Apartment!)

Herbs have so many different flavors and uses, from cooking and eating or drinking in tea to aromatherapy and medicinal remedies. There are literally thousands of varieties around the world, and they are so easy to grow and maintain if you follow a few basic guidelines. Growing herbs is such […]

Are sweet potatoes good for you? Find out in this article.

Top 6 Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes (+ Decadently Healthy Recipes)

Once upon a time in Mauritius (my island), people used to love eating sweet potatoes with butter and some herb chutney. And then we became ‘health conscious’ and started eating more rice and bread instead because, you know, whole grains… Today, when I advise my patients to try and substitute […]

Benefits of organic food

The Top 8 Benefits Of Organic Food For Your Body & The World

Organic food has been growing in popularity in recent years, especially with the debate surrounding GMOs heating up, and the increased consumption of processed and fast foods. But with the production of organic foods comes a hefty price tag, with some produce costing as much as 47 per cent more than conventional varieties. […]