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Benefits of wheatgrass

13 Debunked Benefits Of Wheatgrass For Vibrant Health

Intrigued by wheatgrass? Wondering if you should jump on the green shot bandwagon? This “superfood” is rumoured to have many health benefits but not all are supported by hard facts. Read on to find out what science has to say about the properties of wheatgrass and decide for yourself if [...]

Get perfect, glowing skin by following these daily rituals.

7 Daily Rituals for Perfect Skin

Getting perfect skin doesn’t have to be hard. Follow these 7 steps each day until they become a habit and your skin will naturally return to its healthy state. No need to spend a fortune trying to get healthy skin, it’s just a matter of getting back to simpler times [...]

Get a leaner body and lose weight by making these simple low carb swaps in your diet.

8 Low Carb Food Swaps That Will Transform Your Body

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to swap in these low-carb foods to take the place of higher carb fare. Here are 8 easy-to-make switches that will make you a low-carb pro in no time. We’ve also found some of the tastiest low-carb recipes for you to try [...]